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Home Staging

Selling your house?

Have you ever wondered how some homes for sale in the real estate section look so good? It is primarily because they have been staged professionally by an interior designer.

The aesthetic of your home is what generates higher numbers through the door on home open days. Home staging is about marketing your home to the greatest amount of people, possible. Maximising the space and making it a home that everyone who walks in the door can immediately fit their own lives into, makes it harder for potential buyers to walk away.

Home Staging is an incredible concept that involves doing some minor rejuvenations to a house in order to generate greater profit. Understanding that you need to de-personalise a home in order to make it appealing to greater numbers.


Maximise your potential

Interior Rejuvenations offers an incredible Home Staging service that can work with your existing furniture or organise hire furniture for you, to maximise the space and potential of your home on the market. Interior Rejuvenations will also liaise with you, to do minor touch-us to the home that can add increased value to your home.

Home Staging truly creates results to the value of homes on the market, and essentially pays for itself with its proven results in increasing the sale price at the end of the day.

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