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Prestart interior design


Making choices on how to outfit a new home, renovation project, hotel, or development can be time consuming as well as overwhelming. With so many colours, options, and elements to filter through, it’s no wonder more and more people and businesses are turning to interior designers for a helping hand with the pre-start process. We work with new home buyers individually as well as with building developers directly.

We can help with prestart services for:

  • Builders and developers outfitting display homes and properties
  • Creating concept and mood boards for your clients
  • Personal prestart selection services for new home buyers


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Property builders and developers prestart


Interior Rejuvenations collaborates with builders and developers to select design elements within homes or apartments for Australian and international buyers. Our prestart boards and design selections ensure your clients are happy with their new dwellings, and move in feeling right at home and positive about their experience with you.

Focusing on functionality and effective use of space and colour, we are able to capture the client needs and develop concepts to enhance their living. We recognise that a neutral yet unique palate is often needed for many hotel, display, and commercial settings. Just as we recognise that investor tastes may be very specific.

Interior Rejuvenations create aesthetically appealing choices of colour palates and prestart boards for your potential clients to allow them to envision their new home. As it can take time for new home buyers to decide on colour schemes and styling, our pre-start design boards put together appealing options for you to make this process stress-free for buyers, and faster for you as a developer or builder.

Private home buyers prestart


If you’ve picked the perfect new home plan and are getting ready to build, our prestart interior design service can help make your life a little easier. At Interior Rejuvenations we learn about our client’s lifestyle and personal preferences to create an ideal living space suited to them. We can collaborate with your builder throughout construction, and we also work within your budget in order to create spaces with maximal visual impact.

Our aim is to reduce your stress and enhance the building plan you have chosen with the right interior design scheme, guiding you through from concept to the final result.

Our prestart process for new home buyers includes consultation, design concept presentation, mood boards, and choice finalisation. We can work with your builder, or directly with you.

We can assist in the planning, selection, and sourcing of:

Colour palates
Furniture selection
Tile selection
Space planning